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Demo Gift List

Welcome to our demo gift list! Browse the gifts available, add them to your basket, dash through the checkout, and see just how easy it is for you, your friends & family to use. Don’t worry – if you have anything in your basket, you haven’t lost it! At any point you can refresh this page to start the demo again, or simply visit any other page on the site to see your regular cart again. Otherwise, enjoy the demo!

Add as many items as you wish to your basket - they are virtual items, so you don't have to worry about shipping! Their value represents your gift to Demo. For example, if you choose a Pack of Bricks and a Tree Sapling, you'll be donating that amount directly to Demo. If you need any help, just visit our FAQs for answers.

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Remember: this is not a real checkout! This is just for trying out how a gift list looks and works. No money is taken here.

By clicking Send your gift, you agree & confirm that you will be donating to Try-It-Out directly; and acknowledge that no physical or digital products will be exchanged or dispatched either to you or the recipient. All payments are final and cannot be refunded. Only give to people you know and trust.

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