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Cost-effective ways to cater for ALL your friends & family 🥧

Another handy article by Lawrie
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Arguably one of the most costly parts of arranging a wedding will be the food – and not just the wedding cake (although we do have an array of awesome ideas for that too!), but feeding your guests. 

The Wedding Breakfast (so called because it’s the first meal for the couple after fasting for mass) can put a significant dent in your wedding budget, depending on two key factors: how many guests you’re feeding; and exactly what it is you’re feeding them with. 90 assorted friends & family dining on fillet steak (or a vegan alternative) might cost a teensy but more than 30 guests chowing down on hotdogs. But is the latter really so outrageous? Let’s talk options!

Cut your guests in half

I mean, not literally, but: if you have an extensive guest list, do you really need to feed them all? Best in mind that it won’t just increase your food budget: you’ll need a larger space, more tables, more chairs, and potentially more waiting & kitchen staff. All of that adds up quickly. 

Maybe instead you could invite some of those second cousins & acquaintances from your old work to the evening festivities – it’s where the real party is, after all – and serve some substantial canapés. 

A drop in the buffet

I’ve actually been to a few weddings where a buffet was on offer, and it’s fast becoming one of the more popular ways of feeding a wedding crowd. As well as the convenience of people choosing what they want as they go (rather than stuck with a plate of mushroom risotto they didn’t really want), it can save on waste as the food on offer is often made according to demand. 

The main thing to be careful of here is that your buffet and the food on offer is of decent quality, rather than a throwback to rainy-day school dinners. 

Go the whole hog

A hog roast is not just a great alternative to feeding a mass of people all at once – it’s a spectacle in & of itself. And although the cost might seem high at first glance, when you consider how many people you can feed all at once, it quickly becomes a pretty inexpensive option by comparison. Couple thot with a late-summer wedding, serving your guests outside in the dusky sunlight (with your bouncy castle in the background, naturally), and suddenly it’s become the perfect summer event.

And if you’re not down with eating meat, then why not Go Hogless? The Hogless Roast offer a truly spectacular vegan roast – and they cater weddings too! 

However you choose to feed your guests, remember that there are a lot of options on the table – but that’s not necessarily where it needs to be served 😉 

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